Monday, November 2, 2009

At the Singapore Writers Festival

The book and one of its authors
(Photo credit – greyworks)

The thing about getting the first time-slot for the day at a writers festival is that the whole place is a little sleepy, and even the brave souls who turn up (thank you, all!) probably could use a jolt of caffeine to get their system going. Hearing me read about the Singapore Stone isn't quite the same ...

Nevertheless, after I made several hopefully not-too-convoluted points about "Finding the Singapore Story", people chimed in with both salient and surprising questions (and sometimes a combination of the two), and we ended up talking about Singapore and identity and citizenship and history. While citizenship is not a topic we really get into in Singapore: A Biography, with a book title like that and the perennial debates about what it means to 'be' Singaporean, it's a natural progression of ideas, perhaps.

A cosy crowd
(Photo credit – greyworks)

This was the last of our initial wave of book events in Singapore. Thanks to everyone who's come by an event, bought a book, spread the word and/or otherwise helped us out. It was great to see new faces and old.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog programming ...



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