Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Introducing Comrade Shane

This blurry pic, taken in haste at Kinokuniya last weekend, provides the first documentary evidence of a new underground movement in Singapore: the People's Revolutionary Book Display Army.

Comprised of loyal readers of Singapore: A Biography, and led by Comrade Shane (an ex-pat with nothing better to do on his Sunday afternoons), the PRBDA has set out on a mission to liberate the book-buying public of Singapore from its false consciousness.

The PRBDA has announced that it will be infiltrating all major bookstores in the near future to radically subvert their book displays to ensure that the people's will is listened to and Singapore: A Biography gets noticed.

Join Comrade Shane in his revolution now!

(P.S. Comrade Shane will be working hard on his fieldcraft in future so as not to appear so conspicuous.)


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