Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Co-publication by Hong Kong University Press

We always intended Singapore: A Biography to be a 'crossover' work of history, and so it's nice to be able to confirm that the book will be co-published in Hong Kong, China, Australia and the United States by Hong Kong University Press (and distributed in the US through the University of Washington Press).

This means that the book is now officially academic popular history.

(For history students, this also means that if our book gets onto some reading lists you might have to read it, or at least pretend you have read it. Why not be cool and get ahead of the pack? Who wants to be lining up in the university library for the book to finally become available 'on reserve', and then for only a few hours? Invest in a copy now!)

Seriously though, while the references will remain tucked away at the end of the book with the bibliography, so that readers won't have to be bothered by them while gripped by the flow of the narrative, we still believe they are well worth following up on – especially if you want an even fuller picture of the island's history.

For more on the joys of venturing down the murky trail of footnotes in this book (be careful of where they might lead you), watch this blog.



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